Body Sculpting 101

This is carried out using powerful tools such as Cryolipolysis. Using this technique, we use freezing temperatures to help finish off those fat cells that we want rid of. Then, we target those fat cells using heated laser energy, known as laser lipolysis. When we do this, they are targeted and then picked up using radio frequency lipolysis. By doing that, we make sure that you can target the fat cells and remove them accordingly.


We value honesty at Laser Facial, and it’s important to note that body contouring is not a weight loss treatment. This is a treatment aimed at those who are close to their intended weight but cannot remove pieces of fat which will not move naturally. If you were considering using body contouring for weight loss, then you are making a mistake.

Before we can undergo a body contouring program with you, we need to know if you are happy with your weight. If you intend to lose more weight, then you should do so before continuing further. This allows us to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. If you do intend to lose weight, doing so now will help you to reduce frustration and improve results.