Body Contour Therapy Rates

Therapy are set by length of appointments, which are typically 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes. Rates are similar for the many different types.

Here is the list of our Price 

Hair RemovalPriceBody Sculpting 30 Min SessionsPrice
Abdomen$700Cavitation & Skin Tightening 12 Sessions $1080
Arms(Half)$6008 Sessions $720
Arms(Full)$1,0004 Sessions $360
Back(Half)$6001 Session $105
Cheeks & Sideburns$40018 Sessions $1270
Chest$70012 Sessions $875
Chin$3006 Sessions $425
Ears$2001 Session$75
Female Brazilian $10003 Applicators $900
Feet$1002 Applicators$600
Toes$2001 Session$350
Fingers$10014 Sessions$900
Legs(Half)$800MESOTHERAPY 10 Treatments$330
Legs(Full)$12001 Facials$70
Upper Lip$3003 Facials$205
Shoulders $5006 Sessions $425
Underarms$50012 Sessions$875
System Detox Packages18 Sessions$1270
Infrared Sauna done 12$500HIFU 3 SESSIONS OF 200 SHOTS$550
Electro Muscle Stimulation 12$400

Cavitation: Ultra Sonic Waves breaks down and liquefy stubborn fat cells. Results are quick and lasting.

Radio Frequency: Delivers intense heat to tissues to boost collagen production and circulation. With deep RF,skin looseness,cellulite and localized fats accumulation can all be treated at the same time.

Virtual Mesotherapy: Classifies by FDA as an alternative to injections, in system that allows the trans-dermal vehiculation of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products by means of electrodiffussion, It is indicated for facial and body treatments.

Lipo-Laser: A technique that uses laser energy to reduce fat

Far Infrared Sauna: Emits infrared light,which is absorbed by the surface of the skin to help with detox,weight lose& pain relief.

Led Spa Capsule: Helps with lymphatic drainage,detox,weight loss,immediate relief & comfort for heavy legs,water retention,cellulite & poor circulation

HIFU: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound that encourages the product of collagen & fat loss reduction