Cavitation: Ultra Sonic Waves breaks down and liquefy stubborn fat cells. Results are quick and lasting.

Radio Frequency: Delivers intense heat to tissues to boost collagen production and circulation. With deep RF,skin looseness,cellulite and localized fats accumulation can all be treated at the same time.

Virtual Mesotherapy: Classifies by FDA as an alternative to injections, in system that allows the trans-dermal vehiculation of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products by means of electrodiffussion, It is indicated for facial and body treatments.

Lipo-Laser: A technique that uses laser energy to reduce fat

Far Infrared Sauna: Emits infrared light,which is absorbed by the surface of the skin to help with detox,weight lose& pain relief.

Led Spa Capsule: Helps with lymphatic drainage,detox,weight loss,immediate relief & comfort for heavy legs,water retention,cellulite & poor circulation

HIFU: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound that encourages the product of collagen & fat loss reduction